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TELEPROMPTER PAD iPresent PRO - Portable Presidential Teleprompter for iPad Tablet or Monitor - Includes Remote Control, Case & App - Stage Prompter for Presentations - Live Speech Prompter Autocue 800
TELEPROMPTER PAD Foot Switch Pedal Remote (Case Only) - Silent Teleprompter Remote Control Pedal for iPad iPhone Android Smartphone PC Mac - Prompter Bluetooth controller for TeleprompterPAD APP 800
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  • Get your message accross: Autocue Speech Teleprompter for live events for professional speakers, corporate and academic events. Fully adjustable height, glass angle and orientation to fit any talent and improve the delivery of your script. Premium optical quality Beam Splitter glass with German Technology for a sharp & bright reflection. 
  • Wide compatibility: Compatible with iPad, tablet and monitor using the  included tablet tray or the monitor base. Accomodates any iPad or Tablet UP TO 26x20cm (10,2" x 7,8") or a monitor UP TO 55x40cm (21,6" x 15,7").
  • The ultimate teleprompter solution: discover the leading TeleprompterPAD APP in the professional broadcasting industry, designed around our plug & play teleprompter remote control that works out of the box without any configuration. Unlike with other basic and unreliable apps, you can improve your workflow by intuitively configuring your scripts with size, colors, script markers and rich text to achieve the perfect delivery. Our professional app is available for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac.
  • Everything you need in ONE pack: TeleprompterPAD iPresent PRO includes a Plug & Play Bluetooth Remote Control + exclusive Teleprompter APP (multi-language) + Transport Hardcase + Multilingual Technical Support. Our autocue works with the teleprompter remote out of the box in combination with our professional teleprompter APP. Combine this teleprompter with your iPad, Tablet or monitor to achieve the ultimate prompter setup and make your live events more professional.
  • Stable base with standard VESA slots: Adjustable distance between the monitor and the pole. Screws included. Holes in the lower part of the base allow for cable clearance and hiding. Foldable monitor covering panel included.

This Speech Prompter, also called Presidential Teleprompter or Podium Prompter helps you take your presentations to the next level by improving your delivery and confidence on stage.

These Podium Teleprompters reflect the screen of a Tablet/iPad type device on the inside of a special glass. This special glass called beamsplitter has one side with translucent mirror properties while the other side is transparent.

The text is reflected on the inside of the mirror but not on the outside. The text is at the eye level of the speaker, while he maintains his gaze with his audience.

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