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TELEPROMPTER PAD Foot Switch Pedal Remote (Case Only) - Silent Teleprompter Remote Control Pedal for iPad iPhone Android Smartphone PC Mac - Prompter Bluetooth controller for TeleprompterPAD APP 800
TELEPROMPTER PAD Bluetooth Remote Control for Teleprompter - Includes Teleprompter app for Apple, Android Windows & Mac - Wireless Controller for Beam Splitter Prompter or Live Streaming Equipment 800
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  • Disclaimer: This product is an accessory for TeleprompterPAD Remote Control and does not work by itself. This is a pedal casing that turns TeleprompterPAD Remote Control into a teleprompter foot pedal remote. It is lightweight, portable and durable and allows you to be hands-free for your recordings!
  • Compatible with any beam splitter teleprompter hardware: use the foot pedal + wireless remote control combo with any mirror based iPad teleprompter in combination with TeleprompterPAD APP. This professional teleprompter app is feature-packed and easy to use. Includes enhanced text editing (colors, font, text highlight, position markers) plus all regular teleprompter functions.
  • Free your hands! Use our foot pedal configuration for shots where you need your hands to be free. Whether it is to manipulate a product while speaking or to make your speech feel more natural by making hand gestures, this teleprompter presentation remote should be essential to any blogger kit.
  • Silent and discreet: Foot pedal case is completely silent so that no clicking noises or sounds ruin your recordings! Unlike other pedals in the market, TeleprompterPAD offers an alternative designed to be discreet both in appearance (black color) and its silent operation.
  • Wide compatibility: Combine this Pedal Case with your TeleprompterPAD Bluetooth presentation remote for teleprompter and your beam splitter glass auto cue or your portable teleprompter to unlock the full potential of your vlog camera, your marketing videos or your youtube productions. You no longer need a teleprompter monitor because this foot pedal casing and your remote work with your iPad, tablet, smartphone and computer.

NOTE: Does not include the remote.

Complete Bundle here: REMOTE + PEDAL

It is lightweight, portable and durable and allows you to be hands-free for your recordings!

Includes the professional TeleprompterPAD APP, feature-packed and easy to use available for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac.

Please, be aware that THIS IS PRODUCT IS ONLY AN ACCESSORY and DOES NOT WORK BY ITSELF. When combined with our TeleprompterPAD hand remote, this case accessory turns it into a teleprompter foot pedal.

Use it in combination with our professional TeleprompterPAD APP, available on every App Store (compatible with iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows PC, Microsoft and Mac). It is possible to purchase the Hand Remote + Pedal Case pack by choosing that option on the product page.

This pedal case turns your Teleprompter iPad remote control into a foot pedal that connects via Bluetooth to your device and works with the APP TeleprompterPAD as a iOS remote control, Android remote control, remote for macbook, remote for smartphone, kindle remote, Bluetooth remote for Android, Bluetooth remote for iPhone, wireless presentation remote, apple remote, iPad Pro remote control and Bluetooth remote for iPad.

Your teleprompter for camera will be complete with this accessory. Unlock the full potential of your DSLR camera video kit by adding a teleprompter with remote control to your equipment. This case for TeleprompterPAD wireless bluetooth remote control for telepromter will allow you to control your beamsplitter ipad pro teleprompter from the distance and will improve your workflow and the quality of your recordings.

It can be used as an iPad teleprompter remote, a telprompter PC remote, as well as a bluetooth presentation remote Android for prompter. Whether you are using an iPhone teleprompter, a teleprompter Kindle or a teleprompter mini, this accessory will be compatible if you use our oficial TeleprompterPAD APP. It is compatible with any beam splitter glass teleprompter hardware!

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