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TELEPROMPTER PAD Bluetooth Remote Control for Teleprompter - Includes Teleprompter app for Apple, Android Windows & Mac - Wireless Controller for Beam Splitter Prompter or Live Streaming Equipment 800
TELEPROMPTER PAD Foot Switch Pedal Remote (Case Only) - Silent Teleprompter Remote Control Pedal for iPad iPhone Android Smartphone PC Mac - Prompter Bluetooth controller for TeleprompterPAD APP 800
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  • Remote + Teleprompter APP: Use this remote in combination with any mirror based teleprompter & download the ultimate teleprompter solution: TeleprompterPAD APP, leading software in the professional broadcasting industry, designed around our plug & play teleprompter remote control that works out of the box without any configuration. Unlike with other basic and unreliable apps, you can improve your workflow by intuitively configuring your scripts with size, colors, script markers and rich text to achieve the perfect delivery. Our professional app is available for iOS, Android, Windows & Mac.
  • Turn on & ready: after the first use, bluetooth re-pairing is automatic and immediate. The included teleprompter APP allows you to control the scroll and all the main app functions in your presentation, including speed, font size, play-pause, fast backward and forward and mirror mode among other functions. It also accepts some third-party apps (some of them will require a quick and easy setup before first use).
  • Quiet and Discreet: Buttons without clicking sound that won't ruin your recording. Exclusive black model, no harsh colors. Turn your camera teleprompter kit or your presidential teleprompter into a wireless teleprompter with remote control.
  • Personalized technical support: Easy user guide, help videos and personalized technical support included, you'll be reading your script in minutes, whether you use it with the included teleprompter laptop or desktop software or use it as a teleprompter tablet or phone remote control for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included) that allow intensive use for days, in contrast to other systems that require constant charging via USB. It also incorporates a smart auto-off function for energy saving, making this prompter remote control ideal for a webinar or online Zoom meeting as well as a portable teleprompter.
  • IMPORTANT: It may work with some third-party apps, but each app developer has a different system. There is no universal language for teleprompter apps and therefore we can only guarantee compatibility with our own app. Other apps may not work or only work partially.

Bluetooth teleprompter remote compatible with Android, iOS (Apple), Windows and Mac. Includes FREE official teleprompter APP TeleprompterPAD, available in all app stores – Apple Store, Play Store and Microsoft Store.

NEW: Turn your TeleprompterPAD controller into a footswitch pedal with the Foot Switch Pedal Case Kit

Control your teleprompter remotely with this wireless bluetooth teleprompter controller.

No matter what brand or model of teleprompter you own, this remote control for teleprompter is compatible with all brands and models of teleprompter, whether it is camera teleprompter, DSLR teleprompter, smartphone teleprompter or even laptop or computer presidential teleprompter, because the TeleprompterPAD bluetooth teleprompter remote control includes an APP for iPad or iPhone teleprompter remote, Android teleprompter, Windows personal computer teleprompter and macOS teleprompter.

The app is included completely free at no additional cost. It is a tailor-made app for this remote control to control your autocue that includes all the necessary functions for a simple and professional use for your cue script teleprompter.

You can use this teleprompter remote in front of the camera while recording or it can be operated by an assistant positioned behind the cameras. It is small and discreet in color, it is portable and can be stored in a pocket.

It works with 2 AAA batteries not included. Take your presentations to the next level with this remote for camera and speech teleprompter.

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