• LIGHT AND RESISTANT: Protects your teleprompter without sacrificing portability. Rigid hardcase for Teleprompter PAD iLight PRO 14″. Turn your portable iPad or tablet teleprompter into the most versatile piece of equipment with this carrying case and take your teleprompter wherever you need to go!
  • EGGSHELL FOAM: Increased protection thanks to molded foam interior. Protect your teleprompter for iPad or tablet from dust and impacts. Take your teleprompter to any studio or set and record your videos in one take.
  • SAFETY CLOSING SYSTEM: 2-tab closing system that keeps your gear safe and secure for transport to your next recording location.
  • PERFECT FIT: Fits your iLight PRO 14” without disassembling it, is that easy. Hardcase dimensions: 48 x 38 x 12 (cm). Soft interior eggcup foam padding to ensure the best impact and scratch protection.
Suitable for iLight PRO 14″ and older versions of the iLight PRO series above 13″ (13″, 14")

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