• ONE SIZE FITS ALL FOR iLIGHT PRO SERIES: Experience seamless compatibility with the TELEPROMPTER PAD Opacifying Cloth, designed to fit the entire iLight PRO familiy (11", 12", 13" & 14"). A universal solution for an enhanced teleprompter experience.

  • DUAL-TEXTURE CLOTH WITH NO-LEAK® TECHNOLOGY: Immerse yourself in superior opacity with the dual-texture cloth featuring advanced No-Leak® Technology. Enjoy a premium opacifying solution that ensures the best possible recording quality, free from unwanted light leaks.

  • PREVENTS LIGHT LEAKS FOR OPTIMAL RECORDINGS: Elevate the quality of your recordings by preventing light leaks with the TELEPROMPTER PAD Opacifying Cloth. Achieve professional results with improved opacity, enhancing the clarity and focus of your teleprompter display.

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE WITH STRING & BREAK SYSTEM: Tailor the Opacifying Cloth to your specific camera's lens size effortlessly. The fully adjustable design, equipped with a string & break system, ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to customize the opacity and performance of your teleprompter.

  • INCLUDES STICK-ON VELCROS FOR HOOD CONFIGURATION: Enjoy added convenience with the included set of stick-on Velcros, allowing you to easily match and secure the Opacifying Cloth to your teleprompter's hood configuration. Streamline your setup for a seamless and professional teleprompting experience.

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