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  • SMARTPHONE RECORDING MADE EASY: Elevate your teleprompter experience with the Ultimate Smartphone Recording Clamp, featuring a versatile 1/4" universal camera screw to securely attach any smartphone up to 8.4cm / 3.2" wide.
  • UNIVERSAL CAMERA SCREW: The included 1/4" universal camera screw ensures compatibility with a wide range of teleprompters, providing a reliable and stable connection for your smartphone, unlocking new possibilities for content creators, vloggers, and video enthusiasts.

  • ADJUSTABLE CLAMP DESIGN: The adjustable clamp is designed for versatility, allowing you to securely mount smartphones of varying sizes, up to 8.4cm / 3.2" wide. Achieve the perfect setup for your teleprompter recording sessions with ease.

  • EFFORTLESS SETUP: Say goodbye to complicated configurations. This Smartphone Recording Clamp simplifies the process of integrating your smartphone into your teleprompter setup, ensuring a quick and hassle-free recording experience.

  • ENHANCED VERSATILITY: Whether you're recording vlogs, tutorials, or professional video content, this clamp expands the capabilities of your teleprompter, transforming it into a powerful tool for smartphone recording. Unlock new creative possibilities with this essential accessory.

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