• PREMIUM REPLACEMENT GLASS FOR iLIGHT PRO 10"-12": Immerse yourself in superior teleprompting clarity with the TELEPROMPTER PAD Replacement Beamsplitter Glass, specifically designed for the TeleprompterPAD iLight PRO 10”, 11”, and 12”. Upgrade your teleprompter to achieve professional-grade visuals.

    • HIGH-BRIGHTNESS HD BEAMSPLITTER GLASS: Enjoy a high-brightness HD teleprompting experience with this replacement glass, featuring a clear reflection and generous dimensions of 20x25cm (12” display). Enhance the readability of your scripts for an improved on-screen performance.

    • SPECIAL REINFORCEMENT FOR DURABILITY: Benefit from specially reinforced glass, weighing 400 grams for added sturdiness and greater resistance to scratches and impacts. The TELEPROMPTER PAD Replacement Beamsplitter Glass ensures longevity and reliability, surpassing conventional prompter glass standards.

    • READY-TO-INSTALL IN UNDER A MINUTE: Streamline your teleprompter setup with the Replacement Beamsplitter Glass, supplied mounted on its frame and accompanied by spare hardware and velcro. Experience the convenience of a quick and effortless installation process, taking less than a minute.

    • COMPLETE REPLACEMENT KIT: Receive a comprehensive replacement kit that includes not only the Beamsplitter Glass but also spare hardware and velcro for added convenience. Elevate your teleprompting game with a high-quality replacement that guarantees a seamless and hassle-free installation.

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