• FITS ANY 1/4" & 3/8" GEAR: Elevate your content creation game by flipping the top screw to accommodate any 1/4" & 3/8" gear seamlessly. The Multi-Purpose Monopod is your all-in-one solution for a clutter-free setup.

  • IDEAL FOR TELEPROMPTERS: Compatible with any teleprompter on the market, this monopod allows you to achieve perfect eye contact without sacrificing desk space. Enjoy stability and high-quality manufacturing for a reliable teleprompter setup.

  • FULLY ADAPTABLE HEIGHT: Achieve the perfect eye level with the fully adaptable design of this desktop monopod. Customize the height to your preference, reaching a maximum of 45cm / 18". Tailor your workspace for optimal comfort and productivity.

  • SAVE SPACE WITH MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: Embrace a clutter-free work environment with the minimalistic design of this monopod. Save valuable desk space while enjoying a clean and organized setup, perfect for small spaces and enhancing your live streaming or content creation station.

  • VERSATILE AND STABLE: Whether you're using it for your teleprompter, phone, camera, or various accessories, this monopod ensures stability and adaptability. Invest in a quality desktop stand that caters to your diverse content creation needs.

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