• INVERTED MONITOR FOR TELEPROMPTER: Elevate your teleprompter setup with the Inverted Monitor for iLight PRO 14", specifically designed to provide a user-friendly and efficient viewing experience for teleprompter applications.

  • PLUG & PLAY CONVENIENCE: Enjoy hassle-free operation with this Inverted Monitor that works straight out of the box. No complex configurations needed – simply plug it in and start using it immediately for seamless teleprompter functionality.

  • PERFECT FIT FOR iLIGHT PRO 14": Tailored for iLight PRO 14" and compatible with any teleprompter that accommodates a monitor with dimensions 31x22x6cm, this monitor ensures a perfect fit for a wide range of teleprompter setups.

  • IDEAL FOR ONLINE MEETINGS & SCRIPT FILMING: Enhance your video conferencing experience with the right mouse orientation, making navigation intuitive and easy. No additional gear required – the Inverted Monitor provides the perfect setup for seamless online interactions.

  • VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS: With multiple connection options including HDMI, VGA, composite video, and more, this monitor offers flexibility for various setups.

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