• VERSATILE ACCESSORY MOUNTING: Elevate your video production setup with the 2-in-1 Hot Shoe Adaptor Kit, featuring 2x hot shoe adaptors and 2x 1/4" screws for seamless attachment of compatible accessories to your teleprompter's side accessory slots.

  • UNIVERSAL HOT SHOE SYSTEM: Designed with the industry-standard hot shoe mount connection system, this kit is perfect for securing shotgun microphones, small studio recording lights, flashlights, and a variety of other accessories to enhance your filming experience.

  • OPTIMIZED TELEPROMPTER SETUP: Specifically crafted for use with our teleprompters, this adaptor kit is essential for attaching smaller accessories, ensuring a streamlined and efficient video recording process for content creators, marketers, and social media influencers.

  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: The compact design of the hot shoe adaptors allows for a secure yet unobtrusive attachment of accessories, making it easy to customize your teleprompter setup without compromising on functionality.

  • ESSENTIAL VIDEO RECORDING TOOL: Whether you're creating content for social media, marketing, or any other purpose the 2-in-1 Hot Shoe Adaptor Kit is an indispensable piece of hardware, providing flexibility and compatibility for a wide range of video production accessories.

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